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How To Buy

Our customers tell us that they value having local food where they understand its provenance. They also value getting quality food that comes at a fair price. They also like the idea of supporting a local economy that is based on small businesses run by people who take pride in their work and honor their commitments. If this sounds like you, then read on.

Size. We are selling a portion of a live animal to you. You can either buy a whole, a half, or a quarter of that animal. If you buy less than a whole, we will match you up with other customers. The locker divides the animal on an approximately equal basis among you, so that you will get cuts from all parts of the animal. We price the animal on the basis of the carcass weight at slaughter. The size will vary, but we attempt to produce a mature animal with a carcass weight that will be somewhere between 650-850 pounds. So, for example, with an 800 pound carcass, a one-fourth share would be 200 pounds. But that weight will shrink after slaughter as the carcass ages and loses water, and it will shrink more as the meat is cut and wrapped and some bones and fat is removed. We estimate that just over half the weight will remain, which under these assumptions will mean that a quarter of a steer will produce something over 100 pounds of frozen meat.

Pricing. We get paid for the animal based on its carcass weight. Our current prices are as follows: ¼: $3.20/lb; ½ $3.10/lb; whole $3.00 lb. This includes delivery to the locker. In addition, we offer a discount of $.05/lb for active duty military, retired military, and clergy. (If you have been busy fighting our enemies or the devil, we are happy to provide this discount with our thanks.) We trust our repeat customers to send us a check when they pick up the meat. (And we have only not been paid once in all these years.) For new customers, we request a deposit for half the expected value when an order is made.

In addition, when you pick up your meat from the locker, you must pay them for processing, also based on the carcass weight. Currently, those prices are approximately $.75/lb., plus a minor fee for slaughtering the animal. Those prices are subject to change, as the lockers are independent. Be advised that we need some lead time to schedule their services, so please give us advance notice.

Currently, we will deliver our steers to the Gress Locker, 104 W. Kimball Street, Hancock Iowa 51536 (712-741-5544) or the Minden Meat Market, 315 Main Street, Minden, Iowa 51553 (712-483-2836). Both are family run businesses and they take great care in their craft. Both are also great sources for other good meats, too, including homemade jerky and dried beef products. They are a short drive from the Omaha metro area, and it makes a great adventure in the country to go pick up your meat.

Ordering. If you are interested in ordering, or if you would like more information, please contact us.