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Our Story

Family First
We are a family farm devoted to beef production. My wife, Susan, and I, moved back here in 1994 to operate a family farm that was started by my grandparents in 1915. Family is important to our success. My father assisted us nearly every day until his death last year at age 94. My mother still cooks for us and helps us in many ways. Our children have provided much of our labor force over the years, and my sisters and their families both provide assistance, ranging from providing farm equipment (http://oldsixtractor.com/) to breeding stock (http://larsonangus.com/). My nephews, Matt and Josh Bracker, are always there for us. We are grateful to have the support and commitments of family, as well as other neighbors and friends.

We share commitments to faith, family, and freedom. We love what we do. It is a privilege to live in a great country and to be a part of rural America. We are stewards of the land and all its bounty, which we hold for the good of future generations. We enjoy creating food for people in a manner that honors these commitments.