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Time Honored Traditions

The Finest Local Beef

Our Commitment

We share commitments to faith, family, and freedom and love what we do. It is a privilege to live in a great country and to be a part of rural America. We are stewards of the land and all its bounty, which we hold for the good of future generations. We enjoy creating food for people in a manner that honors these commitments.  Read More

The Growth Process

Our methods are more costly than those used by commercial feedlots. But we think the difference is worth it, both in terms of the quality of life we are able to deliver to our animals, and in terms of the quality of the meat that these animals provide for us. We take care of our cattle; they take care of us. It is that simple.  Read More

Fill Your Freezer

Our customers tell us that they value having local food where they understand its provenance. They also value getting quality food that comes at a fair price and the idea of supporting a local economy based on small businesses run by people who take pride in their work and honor their commitments.  Learn how you can fill your freezer now.

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By purchasing from Morse Beef, you are supporting a local business, getting great beef and a great value.

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